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Architecture as a Force of Control    -    July 2023

This project, enabled by the Judith Lee Stronach Travel Scholarship, demonstrates Architecture's impact on our living spaces. I aim to prompt reflections on how Architecture can create, suppress, control, and destroy.

The articles, sourced from various outlets and cited at the beginning of each page, are paired with my own photographs from the summer of 2024. These provide context, enhancing viewers' understanding of the images. The focus is on the occupied West Bank, covering my visits to Hebron, Al Fawwar, and Bethlehem.

I am very grateful to the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley
and especially to Judith Lee Stronach for funding this research. 

Additionally, I would like to thank The Palestinian Center for Education & Cultural Exchange, Muhammad, Amir, Jalal, Abd Alrahman, Manar and Adam for unparalleled hospitality and kindness during my travels.